"We do not aim
to teach anything to anyone.
We want to help individuals and teams to discover themselves
through personal experience!"
Galileo Galilei

We think, create, organize and deliver programs of experiential learning for individuals and teams from corporate field (teambuilding, corporate event).

We want our programs to really motivate our participants and our clients’ teams so that to
re-discover their values and motivations of working together!

Our latest clients

Allianz-Tiriac ~ Audio-Optica
Brand Management ~ Citibank Freescale Semiconductors ~ Henkel HP ~ IBM ~ Louis Berger
Magnicom ~ Medicover ~ Metro Cash&Carry ~ Nokia ~ OMV
Orange ~ Porsche Bank
Quadrant Amroq Beverages
Samus Mex, grup Mobexpert
Supercar ~ Wizards ~ Xerox