Involvement in the community
Each year we support the development of several projects or teams that want to participate to improving the social environment in Romania
2006, Kindergartens from Dej and Bucharest
In the first part of 2006 new kindergartens were joined to those from the previous year, by receiving donations from our participants

2006, AIESEC Bucharest management team, a students’ NGO
The 7 members of the team participated in an Active Training experiential learning program that helped them understand how they react in under pressure conditions and also helped them put the basis of the team they are going to work in.
2005, Kindergartens
in Mangalia and Bucharest

As a follow-up at our projects we had with our clients, kindergartens from Mangalia and Bucharest received donations.
2003, 2004, IGP spokespersons' team and certified
journalists' team

If in every-day life they are on opposite sides, the two teams wished
to take part for one day
in a fair-play competition.